Who are Carers?

Carers are people who provide unpaid care and support to family members and friends who have a disability, mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, or otherwise need support in their daily lives. 

What is a Carer Retreat? 

A special retreat designed to support the wellbeing of all unpaid carers. They usually include opportunities to connect with others and participate in wellbeing activities such as meditation, journalling, yoga and mindful art. 

Can I claim costs back from NDIS ? 

NDIS will not pay for Carer expenses such as carers food or accomodation. 

If a carer retreat includes education costs you may be able to claim that back from NDIS if you are self or plan-managed and have funding in CB Improved Daily Living. 

How can I attend a Carer Retreat if the person I care for is not a NDIS participant? 

Carer Retreats are sometimes funded through Carer Gateway, who offer emotional and practical support for all unpaid Carers in Australia. You can contact them via their website. 

What is a NDIS Retreat?

A NDIS Retreat may refer to a retreat experience designed for NDIS participants and / or their families. NDIS does not fund ‘retreats’ as such, however some service providers may offer supported retreat experiences that include wellbeing activities. 

What is a Carer Holiday? 

A Carer Holiday is a term that some people use to refer to time a carer may spend away from their care recipient. 

What is Respite? 

The term ‘respite’ is used when the person who requires care spends time away from their usual home. Respite gives carers a break from their caring duties, but does not offer wellbeing support. 

How can I access Respite?

If you care for someone with a NDIS plan, a registered NDIS provider can assist you. If you care for someone without a NDIS plan Carer Gateway can assist you.

What is special about a Carer Escape Retreat?

Our Carer Retreats are part of a Carer Wellbeing Education program. They are designed by carers who understand the unique challenges and demands of being a disability caregiver. Carer Escape retreats offer carers an opportunity to connect and learn from others who understand their journey. Retreat programs are flexible, inclusive, ND affirming and accessible. All Carer Escapes come with on-going support through our private facebook group and education sessions. 

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