Living by your Values

To live a valued life is to act in the service of what you value. You might ‘think’ you know what you value, but it’s your actions that demonstrate what really matters. Consider the phrase, ‘talk is cheap’. The meaning of this suggests that people can say they’ll do or value something, but if it’s […]

Encouraging Independence

“I’ll do it.” “Let me deal with that.” “It’s ok, I’ve got it.” …Sound familiar? In the short term it’s often easier to provide that extra bit of help to the person you care for to save time and effort in completing a task or because you care too much. However, the more often you […]

Get To Know Yourself

The government’s response to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic have led to many new challenges for Australians providing unpaid care for family members and friends, including those most vulnerable to the virus. Many carers also have their own underlying health conditions. These challenges have led to an increase in responsibilities, less access to support […]