Wellness Activity – Regain perspective

Pleasant memories can be a source of personal strength; but to anchor yourself too much in the past, especially when your mood is anxious or regretful, can hold you back from achieving your goals. Try this exercise to help you put your worries behind you. Find a quiet place to sit comfortably, eyes closed. Imagine […]

Creating a retreat from home

It’s not easy for many caregivers to be away from home to attend a carer retreat, so let’s explore ways to bring the retreat experience into your home environment. Think of it like a ‘staycation’. Instead of going elsewhere for the experience, you bring the feelings associated with a vacation (aka. holiday) to the place […]

Do you care for YOU?

As a carer your role is to nurture another. The term nurture refers to caring and protecting (someone or something) while they grow. No matter the age of you or your care recipient, you’re always growing because you’re always evolving in your own unique way. You may not even realise you’re a ‘carer’ because it’s […]