Claudia Furness

Director & Facilitator

Hello, I’m Claudia; mother to 11-year-old twins, Fox (autistic) and Fleur (neurotypical), so I understand the complexities and challenges carers face day to day, having spent the last four years navigating NDIS, therapies, schooling options and my own personal challenges. I understand that finding yourself as a carer can be very isolating, confusing and stressful. 

In a previous life, I was a High School Science teacher and found myself creating inclusive social groups and events, to help families like mine connect and feel as if they had somewhere to belong. I have a real passion for bringing people together and just love to see our families get out and have fun, without judgement or stress.

I know first-hand that my mental health and wellbeing is directly linked to that of my children, and noticed how my family became much happier and more settled once I began to understand the importance of nutrition, exercise and taking time out for myself to rest and reset. The wellbeing of the carer is an essential ingredient for healthy relationships and positive outcomes for the whole family.

I have always had a passion for personal growth & development, as well as health & wellbeing, and am looking forward to continuing this adventure with all of you, as we dive deeper into the world of self care and nourishing our mind, body and spirit.

There’s no better time than now to reach out for support and connection from those who understand where you may be and can gently guide you towards a more peaceful life. I look forward to meeting you all soon and hope that you find what you are looking for.

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