Tracey Keogh


My name is Tracey and I am a mother of three boys (now men). Navigating this journey as a mother (teacher) has been my biggest blessing.
Trusting, being present, educating, respecting, loving and most of all keeping my sense of humour has helped me to nourish and guide these souls to become contributing members of our community.

My other loves are photography, music, art and massage. These have guided my paid work daily, to put a smile on my face and warm my heart.
Massage allows me through touch, to connect and nurture on a deeper level with others.

I received my Diploma Remedial Massage in 2004 and continued my study in Aromatherapy, Aroma Touch , Thai, Trigger point, Reiki 1&2, Tibetan Master Symbols, Chakra-dance, Oncology, and Sound Healing.

During our Carer Escapes I will be offering:

Relaxation Massage :
Slip into another world with the gentle massage that stimulates the bodies feel good hormones to reduce stress and increase blood flow throughout the body.

Remedial Massage :
Tight and sore?
This firmer massage helps to detoxify the body, reduce pain and aid in injury recovery. This massage helps to return flexibility to the muscle.

Sound Healing :
Immerse your body in a delightful dance through the sounds of chimes, tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, Crystal bowls, gongs and drumming.
Your body will thank you.

Art in nature workshop :
Spend time in nature and learn how to embrace and respect her beauty and art form through natural mandalas, photography and art therapy.

Soul laughter workshop :
Learn how laughter effects your bodies wellbeing. This workshop will teach you the science as well as the childlike beauty of laughing together for your wellbeing.

Looking forward to meeting you at our next retreat.

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