Cynthia Levin

Yoga Instructor and Sound Healer

Healing and growth, health and happiness are my passions. Up until recently, working with children has been my focus and I have been working passionately with them for over 29 years. My commitment to making a positive difference started as an early childhood educator and then as a children’s yoga specialist.

Being a mum to three amazing daughters guided me to my mission of wanting to impact the lives of children in a profound way and yoga was the way I was called to do it. In 2011 connect kids YOGA was born. For over 10 years myself and a team of dedicated teachers brought yoga into schools, preschools, and childcare centres. Sadly, though the past few years had a huge impact on connect kids YOGA and made me revaluate how in these times I can continue to make that positive difference.

Enter, sound healing…. I have always been drawn to sound. While embarking on my own spiritual journey, I tried many modalities of healing. About 5 years ago, I went to my very first sound bath. I was hooked! After immersing in this gentle yet powerful healing experience, I knew I was being called to bring sound healing into my work. I now join my passions of sound healing and yoga together for the young and the old and everyone in between. I believe my connection with children and to my own inner child, has gifted me to bring something unique to my sessions.

With a focus on connection, lightness and happiness, I want to help you to connect to your own inner child so you can find the play, the joy and the unconditional self-love. And of course the blissful relaxation.

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