Wellness Activity – Regain perspective

Pleasant memories can be a source of personal strength; but to anchor yourself too much in the past, especially when your mood is anxious or regretful, can hold you back from achieving your goals. Try this exercise to help you put your worries behind you. Find a quiet place to sit comfortably, eyes closed. Imagine […]

Creating a retreat from home

It’s not easy for many caregivers to be away from home to attend a carer retreat, so let’s explore ways to bring the retreat experience into your home environment. Think of it like a ‘staycation’. Instead of going elsewhere for the experience, you bring the feelings associated with a vacation (aka. holiday) to the place […]

Living by your Values

To live a valued life is to act in the service of what you value. You might ‘think’ you know what you value, but it’s your actions that demonstrate what really matters. Consider the phrase, ‘talk is cheap’. The meaning of this suggests that people can say they’ll do or value something, but if it’s […]

Summertime Wellness

Summer is a time of lightness, warmth and radiance. Don’t let anything dull your sparkle this summer by taking good care of you. Here are a few of simple tips to get you started: Stay hydrated We don’t often drink enough water in the summer which can affect your skin, mood and energy. Health experts commonly […]

Get To Know Yourself

The government’s response to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic have led to many new challenges for Australians providing unpaid care for family members and friends, including those most vulnerable to the virus. Many carers also have their own underlying health conditions. These challenges have led to an increase in responsibilities, less access to support […]

Do you care for YOU?

As a carer your role is to nurture another. The term nurture refers to caring and protecting (someone or something) while they grow. No matter the age of you or your care recipient, you’re always growing because you’re always evolving in your own unique way. You may not even realise you’re a ‘carer’ because it’s […]

Acceptance; Scars & All

Reaching out for support can be a difficult first step. It indicates something has taken place within you to say to yourself ‘I’m not OK… but I will be”. That’s a courageous thing to do and it confirms the development of self-awareness and attempts to make shifts in your life to create desired change. When […]

Men’s Day Out – a personal reflection

Repost with permission from Men Care Too Written by: Greg Smith MEN’S DAY OUT – 17 FEBRUARY 2018, GLENWORTH VALLEY On the drive down a winding dirt road into the valley for Men’s Day Out there was a feeling of positive but nervous energy building within. The smell of the campfire smoke had a soothing […]

Are Your Stories Transforming or Hindering You?

The act of sharing your personal stories is a cathartic form of self-expression helping to gain clarity on your circumstances, reactions and feelings. But are you becoming consumed by your stories and are they holding you back? Are you allowing yourself to be defined by your stories or are you allowing them to transform you […]

The ‘J’ Word and How it Hurts

The ‘j’ word is ‘judge’ and distances us from the ability to have compassion for self and others. I’m not here to point the finger, but I do believe that all of us a judgemental from time to time, some more than others. It can be over petty things or associated with bigger issues. We’re […]

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